The Coverdale e-Academy is the communication platform that we use most frequently with our participants. It enables us to handle our entire client communication without huge mail attachments. Preparatory letters, questionnaires, pre-readers, and documentation can be downloaded from the platform.

On booking a blended-learning course or an e-learning programme, you’ll find all the learning modules on the platform. Participants can get in touch with their coach at any time to discuss unanswered questions or tasks.

Additional materials, such as videos, bibliographies etc. are also made available on our platform.

Our entire Coverdale e-Academy will run both in German and in English.



Would you like to know more?

This is the way to our English platform:

Username: guestaustria
Password: coverdale

Do you have any questions? We’ll be happy to consult you.

Please get in touch with:
Mag. Birgit Fischer-Sitzwohl

Open Courses

Blended Learning

We offer open blended learning courses that you can attend individually. These courses enable you to develop the skills in core areas that are usually acquired in classroom training only.

Our courses are based on the principle of “learning by doing”. They include both the theoretical knowledge pertaining to the training theme of your choice as well as interactive learning units. All modules are offered as purely virtual courses. Your personal presence is not required. You are free to carry out practice sessions, case studies and practical work units either individually or with a sparring partner of your choice. (If required, we can provide you with a suitable partner who will be charged separately) .

Our online coaches guide you through the entire program.

  • you are given personal feedback on your practice sessions
  • you can discuss unanswered questions and alternative approaches.

As a participant, you are totally free in how much time you want to invest and when. When you buy one of our open courses you buy a license to use the course elements for one year, after the first log in.


A Coverdale E-Learning-Training gives you the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge on a certain issue as an individual. These trainings include all e-learning modules in our blended learning training. The knowledge part consists of classical e-learning modules. There you work through each successive video  and test your comprehension at the end of each video in a short quiz. Additionally, documents containing further literature can be downloaded.

You carry out further comprehensive exercises on your own as part of the knowledge modules, which allows you in-depth insights into the topic. You are totally free in when you want to perform these simple exercises and knowledge modules.

Role play and direct interaction with your online coach are part of the full version of the blended learning training only.

Should you decide, after working through the e-learning module, that you want to upgrade your licence to the full blended learning training, you can do so at any time. Just let us know and we’ll convert your licence.

Inhouse Programmes

Option 1 – E-learning plus intensive classroom trainings

We offer you the opportunity to acquire the essential theoretical content of a training course as a self-study program before face-to-face training in the classroom. The participants of such teaching units can complete the programme at their own speed. A quiz at the end of the unit ensures that the preceding unit has been completed successfully. A positive final test consisting of open questions at the end of this theory block is the prerequisite for the classroom training.

In the classroom session we merely refer to the theoretical content without actually repeating it. However, the trainers are ready to reply to questions arising from the content unit. In the classroom training the acquired knowledge is turned into skills by means of practical exercises.


Option 2 – Programs to develop new competences

Up-to-date staff development means developing competences rather than mere skills. This means creating an environment in which newly-acquired skills can be continually applied, can be seen as useful, and can be practiced in one’s daily work until these skills become competences.

We offer the adequate learning environment for this process. The programs consist of e-learning units, peer-learning modules face-to-face or in the virtual classroom, coaching situations and classroom sessions.

It is essential that practice sequences should progress from simple case studies and study projects to real cases and real projects. These must be supervised both by the coaches - regarding the skills - and the company - regarding the cases as such.