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Together with our clients, we develop and facilitate transformation processes, organisational development measures and provide help for self-help through tailor-made personnel development programmes for managers, experts and teams.

We enable people to succeed – together

specialists for Leadership and cooperation

We have been specialists in leadership and cooperation for over 50 years.

We offer organisational development, facilitation, mediation, training programmes and coaching.
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Facilitating Workshops

Leadership Culture

Excellence in Cooperation

Team Development

Competence management

Leadership Development

People Development


Agile Coaching


Leadership Development

Change Management

Effektive Usage of virtual Meetings

Successful Decision-Making

Leadership and Transformation

Fundamentals of Organisational Development 

Influential Leadership
Leadership Awareness Training

Appraisal Dialogues

Facilitating Conflicts

Facilitating Meetings

Remote Leadership

Goal-oriented Leadership

Personel Development


Conflict Management

Difficult Conversation


Negotiation Skills

Self- and Time Management

Working together in teams

Working together in virtual teams


Agile Mindset

Agile Leadership Roles

Agility in the nutshell

Design Thinking



Working together in agile teams


Systemic Coaching

Agile Coaching

Our portfolio is available on four channels

classroom training

We work live with group sizes from 4 people with one coach per small group. We prefer the method of experiential learning and work in iterative learning cycles (Plan - Do - Act - Review) with our participants.  

Online Training

For our online trainings we prefer to use BigBlueButton as a virtual seminar platform. We work with the method of experiential learning, with small group work, role plays and simulations, as well as trainer inputs. 

blended Learning

Participants complete tasks, receive input and work with sparring partners. Self-learning phases alternate with online coaching settings.

Per course, four hours of Online Coaching are included. 

This learning format can be used by individuals, small groups or, as a blended learning in-house programme, full seminar groups.

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In our e-learning courses you have the opportunity to acquire knowledge on our core topics. Theory, case studies, reflection options and self-assessment questions or quiz settings are available to you in this course format.  

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The Coverdale Learning Method

Learning by Experience

Special about the Coverdale learning method is the conscious and goal-oriented learning from experience. We enable participants to build on their different levels of knowledge and experience, while at the same time
and at the same time use them for the benefit of other participants.

The tasks that the participants work on are either directly tailored to the respective company or have a practical structure as neutral tasks and must lead to real, verifiable results with limited resources.

In contrast to everyday work, however, in the training situation we take extensive time to reflect on leadership and cooperation. We check the results against the goals set and evaluate the approach with a process review.

In the Coverdale process reviews facilitated by the consultant, the participants work on the following questions:

  • Which approach/methods and personal behaviours were helpful – and why?
  • Which procedures/methods and which personal behaviours were rather inhibiting – and for what reason?
  • How can these findings be usefully transferred to the next work situation in the course and in everyday work?

Regardless of the training topics, participants can take away conscious and goal-oriented learning from experience as one of the most important tools for continuous development.

In the theory sequences of the training, the consultants then build on the experiences of the participants. They give suggestions, offer new methods, provide explanatory models and encourage participants to try out new methods and behaviours.

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