Organisational Development

Coverdale offers exclusively tailored solutions for your organisation. Solutions which meet real needs and deliver sustainable and measurable results.

We support the further development of people to make the organisations successfully. We help your employees to develop teamwork and leadership skills. VisionBased on the Collin/Porras model we develop together with you a strong company vision and implement it.

Based on the Collin/Porras model, we develop a strong company vision together with you and implement it.

Successful organisations have a meaningful strategy, with which gives them directions to achieve their goals. We will support you to define the relevant KPIs, and help you to set up and implement necessary strategic projects.

We will guide you to develop and implement the right structure for your organisation and the relevant processes leading to this goal. The overall aim is to simplify the structure and the decision making processes to make the organisation successful.

We will assess the level of corporate culture, and align it with the company vision. We'll then support you in  making it happen.

The Coverdale Training Method

We develop real skills rather than impart knowledge and work with your staff to transfer these skills into the workplace. Our transfer programs enable us to work with participants on applying the skills acquired in their day-to-day work. We’ll make sure  that these skills are applicable and sustainable. We can make your success measurable.

In order to ensure sustainability we can coach specialists in your staff and ask them to work alongside us.  When we have gone these experts will act as ambassadors for learning and change.

Training Portfolio

Leadership means for us

giving orientation, developing people’s skills and the organisation and taking over responsibilities.

Successful leaders are able to create an atmosphere of social responsibility and cooperation, respecting individual needs, involvement and autonomy at the same time. Leaders should strive to give employees the chance to work in positions reflecting their competences where they can further develop their talents. The behaviour of leaders in day-to-day business is seen as an example by others in the organisation. A value-oriented leadership culture cannot be decreed. Leaders should realize that they themselves “build” culture. Only then can company values and a company vision  come alive. Leaders are role models, who have to serve their employees’ welfare in order to achieve lasting success. We support you in building and extending you leading competence.

Training and Development Programmes

Skills Development Programmes

Multi-module programmes tailored to our clients’ specific needs aim at their acquiring and expanding leadership and teambuilding skills in the line and in projects. These programmes are available as classical face-to-face training, or, alternatively, as blending-learning courses. Communication between modules, as well as the handling of related projects is managed by our Coverdale e-Academy.

In multi-module programmes participants are encouraged in each single module to use their newly-acquired skills in their daily work.This transfer is initiated in the course of the training itself by applying new skills in practice cases and by detailed planning of how to implement change.

Participants’ superiors are kept informed about the programme and involved in ensuring knowledge transfer. This may happen in conversations before and after participation, testing newly-acquired skills, projects between modules, presentations at the end of the course…


Leadership Alignment Programmes

Participants are experienced leaders in full command of their day-to-day business. They know the basic leadership principles, such as setting aims, feedback, communication, motivation, handling difficult situations..

The following issues will be covered:

  • How can you make the management’s vision come alive?
  • How can you implement the company values in your daily work?
  • How does developing a strategy for a department or a sector work out successfully, so that the aims set can be achieved?
  • How can you build an efficient team?
  • How can you establish conflict culture in your domain?

We offer workshop-type modules in tune with your organisation development department, which will supply relevant data and will partly be represented in the workshops in order to determine direction.

In these modules we primarily employ the method of “learning by doing”. After each module participants take away practical steps to be implemented in their daily work.

Between modules, we offer coaching for specific problems.


Learning Company

The Coverdale Learning Company lasting 3.5-7 days aims at executive staff members with long-standing professional and training experience. (max 50 participants per Learning Company, 16-24 participants per module)

In cooperation with our participants, we develop a concept for learning on four hierarchical levels: team members, team leaders, the management of the Coverdale Learning Company and the board of management. The practical work in the respective leadership roles directly leads to personal development. Feedback sessions will focus on matters of practical relevance. Problems of implementation will be discussed.

In a structured analysis participants prepare themselves, with both their superiors and the human resources department being involved in the process. They analyse their individual role as leaders, reflect on their leadership environment and the demands made on them.

Participants speculate on what leadership skills are becoming increasingly relevant for them. They evaluate their individual strengths and areas requiring development. As a consequence, expectations and personal goals emerge as a precondition for successful transfer.