We see conflicts as an essential part of successful cooperation and leadership. Only if people’s hearts and minds are fully focused are they able to be truly successful. Conflicts are part of everyday work – they are what makes life interesting. Depending on how people in an organization deal with conflicts tells if an organization can be successful in the long term.

In our point of view all parties contribute to the dynamic of a conflict in any interpersonal (and social) conflict. For us the clarification of the relationships between all conflict parties is an essential requirement for a solution on the technical level. We offer two procedures: Conflict management or facilitation according to ZivMedG.

Team workshops are a good opportunity to work on these unresolved conflicts and implement clear regulations for cooperation.

In some cases recurrent conflicts in a particular department of the company are plain indicators that there is something wrong within the company processes, or maybe even in the company orientation. For these cases we offer a combination of conflict management and organization development in order to solve the problem on the personal level on the one hand, but also realign the organization so that these recurrent issues can be resolved.