Training as a facilitator

Whether you chair a meeting or act as an external facilitator, proper process management is a crucial requirement if you want to guide a group towards a good result. Each group is different and, depending on how the process develops, facilitators must choose different approaches. The Coverdale training for facilitators consists of three components: the facilitator’s toolbox, theory and methodological competence, and personality development. At present we only offer this training in-house.

Module 1: basics of facilitation
Module 2: process competence for facilitators
Module 3: methods and techniques of conflict facilitation
Module 4: techniques for large-group facilitation

Train the trainer

Trainer qualification is obtained by completing four modules. Starting from examining self-image and attitude in the trainer’s role, we then deal with all the stages of a training or coaching process. We also focus on interaction with and in the group.  At present we only offer this training in-house.

Module 1: the role of the trainer /personality / learning processes
Module 2: Conceptual and design skills
Module 3: group dynamics, interaction, intervention
Module 4: presentation techniques and final colloquium

Training as a change manager

The skills you need depend on your role in a change process. Leaders in top management positions are expected to initiate and oversee change processes successfully.


•    Making allowances for resistance to change and dealing with it constructively
•    Designing and piloting the change process properly
•    Anchoring the change process in the organization in the correct position
•    Developing and conveying a meaningful, convincing image of a change vision
•    Assuring that the change project stays on the top management’s radar

This training is suitable for experienced leaders and project managers. Participants should have basic skills in systematic cooperation, conflict management, conducting difficult talks, project management and leadership.

Module 1: The individual and change

We help you work on your individual approach to change, your own behavior patterns in change situations, the effects of the change curve, and how to cope with resistance to change situations.
You acquire tools to cope with resistance and strong emotions.

Module 2: The change process

We focus on the phenomenon that the change itself must be managed as well as the subject matter of the change project. We show you how to design a successful change architecture, even if you do not know yet what the exact result of the change will be.

Module 3: Organization and change

We explore change projects from the sponsor’s view. Ideally, the change should be initiated from within. In this case the need for change has been recognized early and is not triggered by external pressure.

We develop a change vision and use the storyboard technique to distribute the vision in the organization and prepare the organization for the change.

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