Concerning the subject of leadership we offer various in-house training modules. The course specifications are samples which are then tailored to customers’ demands. Each module can be offered as face-to-face training but also as a blended learning unit.

The list below indicates if a specific training is a basic course (B) or suitable for specialists and experienced executives. (S)

Working Together

We enable people to succeed - together is our mission.
In our trainings we translate our mission into training interventions in the area of successful cooperation. We do not settle for just transferring knowledge or giving impulses. Participants in our courses will develop new skills in the field of working together successfully. We guarantee for this with our proven method of experiential learning. To ensure that our alumni are really able to use their new skills immediately after the training we try to work in the context of the Organisational Development and Personal Development Departments of our clients.

Additionally, close alignment with the hierarchy is necessary to transfer the skills acquired into practice. They have to actively foster the use of the delegates' new skills. We support the transfer of new skills with documentation material, regular newsletters and we also offer of a free one-hour coaching for delegates back at work.


Meeting Targets

We approach the topic of "meeting targets" from different perspectives. Trainings are graded according to difficulty. (B) stands for basic training and (S) for specialist trainin. Trainings marked (S) require the correct application of the Coverdale Aims Grid.


Reaching Agreements

Based on the Harvard Negotiation Project, this program tailors negotiation trainings to meet the specific needs of your organization. It is intended for those who have to reach negotiated agreements and maintain long-term relationships. We cover the following topics:

  • Negotiation Basics
    Based on the Harvard Negotiation Principles we explain the basics of interest-based negotiating. We focus on situations, where basically both parties are interested in - or at least have to find - a solution.
  • Negotiating With Difficult Partners
    In this follow-up module we concentrate on dealing with negotiation partners who try to dominate or at least win using unfair means. Based on the Harvard Negotiation Principles we teach delegates to change the game so as to achieve a positive and satisfactory outcome.
  • Negotiating Complex Deals
    This program is suitable for skilled negotiators, who have to deal with multi-party or multi-phase negotiations in bigger groups with changing negotiation teams.
  • Negotiating as purchaser
    This program focuses on the special needs of purchasers in negotiations: getting the best possible price and keeping up a long-lasting relationship with the supplier.
  • Consultative Selling
    We provide you with the relevant skills to deal with complex sales situations, developing solutions which satisfy both sides in the long term.
  • Negotiating in International, Intercultural Environments
    Based on the Harvard Negotiation Principles, we focus on the special needs of international negotiations. We focus on win-win solutions although difficulties may arise due to cultural differences.



Solving Difficulties

Conflicts and the right way to deal with them should be part of a company's normal activities in daily business. Conflicts are nothing special, nothing negative, and generate a lot of energy if handled correctly.Nonetheless, a lot of people are afraid of conflicts and in a lot of organizations, conflicts are ignored or swept under the carpet. Our programs will help you to develop a healthy conflict culture in your organization. We help you develop the necessary skills to handle conflicts safely and professionally in future.

  • Difficult Conversations
    This program is for everyone who has to deal with emotionalized communication situations and want to deal with the ensuing problems in a professional way.
  • Conflict Resolution for Parties Involved
    In this training delegates will develop helpful behavior patterns for parties involved in conflict situations. We focus on conflicts not too  highly escalated, and teach basic techniques of conflict management.
  • Facilitating Conflicts
    This program is for leaders and project managers who have to solve escalated conflict situations in the role of facilitators. We focus on successful facilitation techniques for escalated conflict situations. 


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