Transformational Leadership in practise

You are an experienced executive and know how to manage your daily business. However, from time to time you come across situations where you feel that you are not making any progress with your current tool box. You have realized that as an executive you could have a big influence by setting an example.

In reality, things look very different:

Company values exist, but nobody lives them. They have been set by the top management.

A vision? Maybe, not really…, and leadership guidelines – yes, on paper.

Every man for himself. The employees in the company show good individual performances. Unfortunately, decisions are often made from the “top”. They are not understood at the lower levels or are not useful from the view of daily business. Decisions are taken too slowly.

In this training you learn how to create a principle-oriented, sustainable, and long term development of the organisation and your employees. You also learn how company values will become part of the everyday work life and how the managers of the organisation are able to develop the culture of the company in a positive way.


He following topics will be covered...

  • Translating and living company values in everyday work life
  • Perceiving people as individual personalities and therefore deploying them at the right positions
  • Recognizing the difference between transformational and transactional leadership and thereupon analysing your own leadership behaviour accordingly
  • Observing your own character, and identifying and evaluating areas of conflict
  • Phrasing leadership principles and integrating then into the executives' work life
  • Becomming truly aware of your own leadership role, enabling you to create a place where employees are confident to take on responsibilities. Thus they can achieve top performances with the help of “performance agreements” instead of employee goals

Giving Orientation Successfully

As an executive you are challenged with taking over responsibilities for the company´s success. The company vision is the guiding star for all areas of the company work. The long- and mid-term goals should keep the company competitive with the help of structured analysis and a planning and reviewing process.  All these combined can ensure that the defined strategic goals will be achieved.

This training “Vision and Strategy Development for Executives” provides the basics of future-based strategy formation and explains the methods and procedures.  You learn reproducible methods and will be guided towards creative thinking. Strategy work will be presented as a four-step process:

  1. From the actual state analysis to positioning;
  2. From the vision of the long/midterm goals to the goal cascade, to the goal agreement with the
    employees, to work with figures.
  3. The successful realisation – development of measures which ensure the achievement of the goals
  4. CIP – strategy development/service as a permanent process within the company

The following topics will be covered...

  • Basics of strategy development
  • Tools for the actual state analysis in order to identify one’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of the competition
  • Working with trends of the market and the industry
  • Scenario technique
  • SWOT analysis
  • Finding unused potentials
  • Involving your clients
  • Phrasing strategic targets and operationalize them (target cascade)
  • Balanced score card – working with indicators
  • Drawing up a list of measures – assessing and evaluating the result
  • Establishing an annual maintainance cycle