Our blended-learning course “Negotiating” gives individuals or small groups the opportunity to complete a negotiation training, fully replacing a three-day open face-to-face training course. This training enables you to prepare negotiations in a structured way and react appropriately to a partner’s difficult behavior in order to achieve the best possible result.

This training contains different components:

Theoretical knowledge modules

They consist of traditional e-learning modules: you work on each video and test your knowledge at the end of each video in a short quiz. In addition, you can download further documents going into greater detail.

Practice sessions

You complete in-depth exercises linked with the knowledge modules to gain more insight into the topic. Both the knowledge and the practice modules can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

Role play

In this training you enact a role play. These practice sessions can be performed in a small peer group or with the sparring partner of your choice.
You complete the exercise at your leisure, videotape it and the review and make both available to your online coach.
Directions on how to upload your video can be found in each module. Our office will gladly help you with directions on how to produce the video using simple devices such as your mobile phone.
In short time your online coach will make an appointment with you in the virtual classroom to discuss your performance and the review.
This training entitles you to a total of 4 hours of individual online coaching, which is more than you would receive in a three-day classroom training.

The open negotiation training consists of six modules:


In this module you can learn the basics of negotiating. You learn about criteria for good negotiation results as well as the basics of various negotiation styles. At the same time you analyze your own negotiation style preference by performing a practical exercise.

Positional negotiating

You learn about the main elements of positional negotiating, how you prepare adequately for it, which principles govern bargaining, and in which cases positional or competitive negotiating makes sense.
With the help of a case study, you prepare a negotiation and discuss your preparation with your online coach.

Interest-based negotiating

You learn about the four Harvard principles and analyze a case of your own based on the Harvard Concept. You find your best alternative to a negotiated agreement. You apply the concept to various practice examples and to a case of your own. Aided by your coach, you work on a practice case, preparing it both as a positional negotiation as well as an interest-based negotiation. You carry out both negotiations with different sparring partners and receive feedback on your performance and the review. You will prepare another practice case as an interest-based negotiation and perform it in a role play. Again you receive feedback from your online coach. In this module you learn a systematic approach for negotiations which can be applied to virtually any negotiation situation, professional or private.

Strategy and tactics

In this module we compare three negotiation strategies: the power-based strategy, the satisfaction or punishment strategy, and tit-for-tat. We show you how these strategies work, and how you can lead a negotiation partner back to interest-based negotiating.

Difficult behavior in negotiations

In this module you learn about different categories of negotiation tricks and how to develop successful counter strategies. You also learn about how to defuse emotionalized situations in negotiations and lead the negotiation back to a constructive path.


In this module we provide material about negotiating: our workbook is available to you both during the module itself as well as in the library, where you can find useful articles and text modules from our databank.

In this way individual participants can benefit equally from our open Blended-Learning course, comparable to a three-day classroom training.

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