The Blended-Learning training “conflict Management”gives individual clients or small groups the opportunity to complete a training course on conflict management, fully replacing a three-day classroom training. It enables you to recognize conflicts in their first stages, to address them and find a constructive solution with your conflict partners.

This training consists of several modules:

Theoretical knowledge modules

These consist of traditional e-learning modules: you work on each video and test your knowledge at the end of each video in a short quiz.
In addition, you can download further documents going into more detail.

Practice sessions

You complete in-depth exercises linked to the knowledge modules in order to gain more insight into the topic.
Both the knowledge and the practice modules can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

Role play

In this training you perform role play sessions either as a small peer group or with the sparring partner of your choice.
 You complete the exercise at your leisure, videotape it with the review and make both available to your online coach.
Directions on how to upload your video can be found in each module. Our office will gladly help you with directions on how to produce the video using simple devices such as your mobile.
Your online coach will quickly make an appointment with you in the virtual classroom to discuss your performance and the review.
This training entitles you to a total of 4 hours of individual online coaching, which is more than you would receive in a three-day classroom training.

The open conflict training consists of four chapters:


Here you learn about basics of communication.
Beginning with a definition of what a conflict is, you gain insight into your own conflict behavior, various reaction patterns, conflict signals and causes.
We also explore the issue of questioning technique.

Conflict analysis

We familiarize you with the main tools of conflict analysis, which you can apply yourself as a conflict partner.
You analyze case studies and practice the analysis of conflicts with the help of live interviews.
Step by step, you gain the necessary experience to diagnose your own potential conflict talks correctly and prepare them accordingly.

Conflict resolution

You practice with real cases. Guided by your online coach, you develop a process for a conflict solution interview that is feasible for you personally and can be readily applied to real-life situations.
In a self-study process, you acquire the tools to find sustainable solutions as a result of the conflict dialog .
Two role play exercises with the partners of your choice enable you to practice what you have learned. This will give you a good grounding for successful practice transfer.


The last part of the training concerns our library where you will find interesting articles and text modules from our databank as well as our workbook. Checklists and questionnaires enable you to gain a deeper insight into the issue.

If you have questions or are interested in a company license please contact our office manager,
Frau Margit Darnhofer:
Tel: 01/533 44 27

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