The e-learning course “Conflict Management” gives individual participants or small groups the opportunity to acquire basic knowledge about conflict management. This training contains all the e-learning modules from our full blended-learning training. If after completing the e-learning course you want to upgrade your license to the full blended learning training, please contact us and we’ll be happy to upgrade your license.
The e-learning course consists of:

Theoretical knowledge modules

They consist of traditional e-learning modules: you work on each video and test your knowledge at the end of each video in a short quiz. In addition, you can download further documents going into greater detail.

Practice sessions

You complete in-depth exercises linked with the knowledge modules to gain more insight into the topic. Both the knowledge and the practice modules can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

(Role play and direct interaction with your online coach are offered only in the full blended learning version.)

The e-learning course has four chapters:


Beginning with a definition of what a conflict is, you gain insight into your own conflict behavior, various reaction patterns, conflict signals and causes.
We also explore the issue of questioning technique.

Conflict analysis

We familiarize you with the main tools of conflict analysis, which you can apply yourself as a conflict partner.

Conflict resolution

In a self-study process, you acquire the tools to find sustainable solutions based on a conflict talk.


In this module we place our workbook on “conflict management” at your disposal.
Questions may be directed to our office manager, Margit Darnhofer:
Tel: 01/533 44 27

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