Do you want to prepare yourself or your employees to deal specifically with the cultural backgrounds of Arabic countries, China or Russia? This e-learning program teaches you about culturally relevant behavior in business Should you require a similar concept for a different culture setting, please contact us. We’ll be glad to help you.

Module 1

This module consisted of three parts. We examined the cultural settings of Arabic countries, China, and Russia in terms of:

  • Figures, data, facts
  • The country and the people
  • Stereotypes
  • Interviews with experts


Module 2

In this module we attempted a scientific approach to this issue using the concept of “culture”. We explored the prevalent cultural principles in each area and applied the cultural indices according to Hofstede to better prepare for the respective cultural backgrounds.
With the use of “critical incidents” – case studies – we showed possible reaction patterns and the culture-specific sources of certain behavior.

  • What constitutes a culture?
  • Comparing cultures
  • Cultural standards for Arabic countries, China and Russia
  • Case studies for Arabic countries, China and Russia

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