The e-learning course “Negotiating” gives individuals and small groups the opportunity to acquire important basic knowledge about negotiating.

Theoretical knowledge modules

They consist of traditional e-learning modules: you work on each video and test your knowledge at the end of each video in a short quiz. In addition, you can download further documents going into greater detail.

Practice sessions

You complete in-depth exercises linked with the knowledge modules to gain more insight into the topic. Both the knowledge and the practice modules can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

This training consists of several modules:


Here you learn the basics of negotiating. We show you criteria to achieve good negotiation results and the basics of various negotiation styles.

Positional negotiating

You learn about the main principles of positional negotiating, how to prepare adequately, about the principles of bargaining, and in which cases positional (competitive) negotiating is a good option.

Interest-based negotiating

You learn about the four Harvard principles and your “Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement”.
You learn about a systematic approach to negotiating, which can be applied to any professional or private situation.

Strategy and Tactics

In this module we compare three negotiation strategies: the power-based strategy, the satisfaction-or-punishment strategy, and the tit-for-tat strategy.
We show you how these strategies work, and how you can lead a negotiation partner back to interest-based negotiating.

Difficult behavior in negotiations

In this module you learn about different categories of negotiation ploys and how to thwart them. You also learn about how to defuse emotionalized situations and steer the negotiation back on to a constructive path.


In this module we make our workbook “Negotiating” available to you. You can also download it from “Shared data”

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