Coverdale Austria invites you to their Transformation Lab 2018


“If we want our company to survive in the marketplace, we should change fundamentally. We have to move faster. We have to tackle a variety of issues simultaneously. Where to start? How to cope with the change?”


Are these questions that are currently being discussed in your company? If so, transformation is obviously an important issue for you.

In our COVERDALE TRANSFORMATION LAB we will discuss the meaning of “Transformation” and “Transformation threshold”, and how you can employ them to ensure a successful future for your company.

Ways of thinking and past working styles need to be reviewed. This entails changes of procedures as well as of leadership and cooperation.

The challenge is to “slow down without losing momentum”



  • we give you scientific and practical approaches
  • you can exchange experiences with us and with other participants and discuss your views on the meaning of “transformation threshold” and when transformation becomes a necessity.
  • we show you ways to transmit your strengths so that your company will survive the transformation process and prosper in the future.



  • well-known experts and motivating incentives
  • intensive networking with other decision-makers
  • latest state-of-the-art knowledge


Here are the topics we deal with in our transformation lab

  • the difference between traditional change processes and transformation
    • which is suitable in what situation?
    • when is change the right option, when is it transformation?
  • the transformation threshold:
    • how do I know if my organization has reached the transformation threshold?
    • typical symptoms, behavior patterns and attempts at solutions at the transformation threshold and the results
    • what can I do if my company’s former strengths are no longer effective?
  • ideas, approaches and principles of designing transformation processes
    • guidelines for transformation processes
    • finding the right starting point
    • requirements for initiating transformation processes
    • transferring strengths
    • preserving shared values



June 25, 2018, Graz: Palais-Hotel Erzherzog Johann – 8010 Graz, Sackstraße 3-5



Price: Euro 520.- plus VAT*

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Mag. Birgit Fischer-Sitzwohl
CEO, Senior Consultant, Partner


Klaus Fischer
Senior Consultant, Partner


Ing. Günter Lukas, MSc
Senior Consultant, Partner


*Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • free cancellations up to 60 days before the date of the training
  • we charge a processing fee of 10% of the course fee for cancellations between the 59th and 22nd day before the date of the training
  • we charge 100% of the course fee for cancellations within the last 21 days before the date of the training These fees do not apply if you appoint a person who will take your place in the relevant training.