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One of the main tasks of managers is to make difficult decisions. These decisions can be complicated because there are many contextual factors, or complex because the factors under which decisions must be made are sometimes unknown.

In this training, we deal with simple decision tools, intuitive decision situations, as well as deciding in complete uncertainty conditions.

Training contents:

  • Decision tools
  • Using the Coverdale target as a decision-making tool
  • Rational - Intuitive decision making
  • Your own values and decisions
  • Decision onion
  • Decisions with high complexity and uncertainty
  • Effectuation principles


Technical information:
We use the learning platform Moodle. After booking, your individual license will be activated for 365 days.

The training consists of theory and practice elements. As soon as your license is unlocked, you will see the complete course. This course consists of a total of 18 learning modules.

Procedure of the training:
The training consists of theory elements for self-study, exercises, practice cases and text elements with further information.

Whenever there is a task to be done, you are expected to hand in your task. We will contact you promptly to arrange the online session with the coach.

Associated with this training are 3 hours of individual coaching (at several points of the program). In these coaching sessions, you will receive feedback on your task and can discuss open questions with the coach.

Individual licence for 365 days: € 690 excl. VAT
The price includes 3 hours (online) individual coaching. Any additional costs (e.g. for additional coaching sessions) will be invoiced separately at an hourly rate of € 250,-.

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