Increasing workloads, more and more tasks, greater pressure to perform – there are many reasons why you are increasingly confronted with conflicts in your daily work. You will observe in yourself and in others how difficult it often is to solve such conflicts in a sustainable way. Out of fear of openly addressing conflicts and relationship crises, these often continue to smoulder and poison the working atmosphere. The result: not only you or the employees directly involved in the conflict suffer, but also others who are in the same work context.
In this training you will be enabled to recognize future conflicts already in the beginning, to address them and to find a constructive solution together with your conflict partners.
Training contents:

  • How conflicts arise and what causes them
  • Causes and types of conflicts
  • understanding one’s own conflict behaviour
  • Conflict analysis, conflict transformation and conflict resolution negotiation
  • Use conflict management tools actively
  • Recognize phases of conflict escalation and de-escalation
  • develop strategies for dealing with conflicts and find concrete solutions for your current conflicts through consulting