New workshops on agile leadership!

Over the past year, we have developed a series of workshops that focus on leadership in an agile context. These workshops are aimed at managers who plan to work more agilely than before, or who are confronted with the need to work with new methods such as KANBAN or SCRUM in teams in increasingly complex environments. Our modules illuminate the topic of leadership from different perspectives.

Leading groups and teams from agile leadership roles

training contents:

  • Prepare a negotiation in a targeted manner
  • Consciously conducting negotiations on the basis of a structure
  • separate personal and factual aspects and develop a positive negotiating climate
  • Explore and consider your own interests and those of your negotiating partners
  • Working together with your negotiating partners to develop solution options
  • Achieve results where both sides can win

Dates 2019:
22. – 23.10.2019

Agile Mindset: Values and Principles

training contents:

  • Reflecting on one’s own value landscape in the context of agility
  • Again knowledge of agile values and principles
  • Develop your own agile mindset based on practical experience
  • To accompany the personal transformation to leadership in more agile contexts

Dates 2020: n.n.

Leadership in the VUCA context based on effectuation

training contents:

  • New demands on the role of the manager
  • Learn Agile Leadership Principles
  • Apply Agile Leadership Principles to your own projects
  • Working with Effectuation as a method for unclear and uncertain contexts
  • Leading without having a clear goal.


Dates 2019:
Graz: 15. – 17. 07. 2019

Get to know tools and methods for agile working methods and apply them (or let them apply) 

training contents:

  • Effectuation
  • Design Thinking

    Dates 2019:

    n. n.

    We develop individual process models in order to be successful as a manager in complex, unclear situations.