Organisational Development Experts

Founded in 1965, Coverdale is a pioneer in experiential learning and a forerunner in organisational development. Our teams have worked in over 80 countries across the globe and we presently have offices in the UK, North America, Europe and Asia.

We offer coaching, consulting and training to make your organization successful. We specialize in leadership and cooperation. Any intervention we initiate will follow tried and tested methods and techniques to meet our customers’ needs. These methods have been developed together with and for our customers.



Enabling people to succeed — together

This is why we exist. It is what we are about. Our whole raison d'être is to help others be successful.

That is why we get up in the morning and other peoples' success is what gives us our buzz.

It guides everything we do.

Our Founder

The Coverdale Organization was established in 1965 by Ralph Coverdale.

A pioneer in experiential and inductive learning and a forerunner in organisational development, his passion for constant innovation, insight and excellence continued to grow.

After leaving the army in 1947 Ralph went to Oxford where his supervisor was the renowned experimental psychologist, Bernard Babington-Smith. It was during his Oxford days that Ralph developed and refined his theories on how people think and work to get things done. He believed passionately that working in teams and management were skills that could be developed, seriously challenging the orthodox view of the time regarding people as being born with fixed skills.

Ralph and Bernard worked together for many years after the formation of the Coverdale Organization and developed Coverdale Learning, which was a highly developed form of learning through action which has been subsequently described as action or inductive learning. Ralph Coverdale died in 1975 aged 56, but his spirit lives on.