Organisational Development Experts

Founded in 1965, Coverdale is a pioneer in experiential learning and a forerunner in organisational development. Our teams have worked in over 80 countries across the globe and we presently have offices in the UK, North America, Europe and Asia.

Coverdale Core Companies are located in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Russia
  • Czech Republic/Slovakia
  • India
  • France
  • China

Coverdale Representatives are located in:

  • Greece
  • South Africa
  • USA

We offer a range of services to suit your business development needs, all built around proven techniques, organised and planned (for you and together with you) to deliver the results you require.



Enabling people to succeed — together

This is why we exist. It is what we are about. Our whole raison d'être is to help others be successful.

That is why we get up in the morning and other peoples' success is what gives us our buzz.

It guides everything we do.

Working Method

We offer only tailored solutions for your organisation and regard our customers as partners. Our services are geared to our customers’ mission and aims. We concentrate on pragmatic, flexible and sustainable solutions. These should be easy to handle and practical.

In any given area of our portfolio we develop solutions that acknowledge and meet the real needs of the organisation. Their impact is long-term, measurable and sustainable. These are our working principles.


You and your organisation are going to benefit by order clarification and exact target definition. You will not be handed a placebo!


We help you to help yourself. We employ your resources and our efforts, as well as the energy which all those involved put into the project, in a way to ensure maximum output for your organisation and its members. 


We concentrate on individuals, their needs and their skills. With our interventions we enable people to develop. We make sure that their fears and reservations, as well as their wishes, are taken seriously. This is how their strengths can be pooled in order to achieve success for the organisation.

Our Strength

What Makes Coverdale Different?

  • Our history - Coverdale has over 45 years of hand on experience. The practice is built on a solid foundation and continuous improvement.
  • Coverdale has worked in over 80 countries worldwide and has offices in 9 countries in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Our training programs develop real skills - they do not just impart knowledge - and deliver sustainable solutions.
  • Our coaches and consultants have front-line leadership experience and know what the challenges are at first hand rather than only academically. We focus on pragmatic, flexible, robust and practicably adaptable solutions.
  • We believe that the following insights gained from neuroscience, along with Coverdale's almost 50 years of practical training experience, enhance the sustained and continuing development of people and organisations.

Our Working Principles


Experiential learning

Experiences associated with positive emotions leave traces in our minds and have a decisive effect on learning. Newly acquired skills needs to be repeated several times in order to allow neuronal connections to be created and to fix what we have learned in our long-term memory. Besides, emotions make content meaningful and decide if we follow up on an issue.


Process orientation

Coverdale coaches see consulting as a process enabling and enforcing change. Aims and content are accorded, the way how they are achieved, however, is never quite the same.


Systemic approach

We have long been committed to a systemic approach. Therefore we attach great importance to communication – digital as well as analogue.


Practice transfer

We ensure successful practice transfer into your daily routine by making use of the newest findings in the research on learning.


Internationality and Diversity

Coverdale is an international network consisting of independent consulting companies. Most of our consultants have consulting and work experience both in their own country and abroad.

Our Founder

The Coverdale Organization was established in 1965 by Ralph Coverdale.

A pioneer in experiential and inductive learning and a forerunner in organisational development, his passion for constant innovation, insight and excellence continued to grow.

After leaving the army in 1947 Ralph went to Oxford where his supervisor was the renowned experimental psychologist, Bernard Babington-Smith. It was during his Oxford days that Ralph developed and refined his theories on how people think and work to get things done. He believed passionately that working in teams and management were skills that could be developed, seriously challenging the orthodox view of the time regarding people as being born with fixed skills.

Ralph and Bernard worked together for many years after the formation of the Coverdale Organization and developed Coverdale Learning, which was a highly developed form of learning through action which has been subsequently described as action or inductive learning. Ralph Coverdale died in 1975 aged 56, but his spirit lives on.

Coverdale employs professionals with:

  • A wide range of educational backgrounds
  • Extensive, in-depth professional experience across many industry sectors
  • 18 months of special training as a consultant/coach at Coverdale

We continue to learn in order to guide you to success. Our consultants have international experience and we have access to consultants speaking a number of different languages.

Drawing upon the skills and experience within our international organisation, we can deploy the right people to match your culture and meet your specific needs.