Systemic Coaching

Systemic coaching is about developing new perspectives, strategies and guiding principles for oneself and integrating these into one’s actions. The coach acts as a personal supporter of the client.

Systemic coaching is a task-based, resource- and solution-oriented counselling format for individuals and teams in organisations, which is characterised by various criteria.

These are:

  • Clients are experts in their system and the context; coaches are experts in conducting conversations and dealing with problems in a goal- and solution-oriented way.
  • The cooperation between coach and client is an essential basis of coaching, whereby the person is at the centre of the counselling.
  • Coaching methods and interventions aim to increase the number of choices for the client and to open up new options.
  • Professional input from the coaches is introduced as an offer for the clients. They can accept or reject the offer.
  • Coaching forms a “protected framework” for clients. Absolute confidentiality is an essential basis for this. Participation in coaching must be voluntary.


  • Accompaniment and counselling of executives
  • Search for new professional perspectives
  • Taking on a new task
  • Preparation for a new job
  • Work-life balance
  • Teams that want to reflect on their cooperation

Our quality characteristic

All Coverdale consultants who work as coaches have systemic coaching training and many years of experience as coaches in a business context.


Training as a systemic coach

Coverdale Austria offers coaching training in cooperation with ÖWIT in the German Language.

Follow the link to the detailed programme.

Agile Coaching

Agile coaching combines classic systemic coaching, training, consulting, moderation and mentoring in one person. The agile coach knows the agile methods and tools from their experience and lives an agile attitude. In addition, the coach also has the competence as a facilitator and organisational developer, as they should also support the management in further developing the agility topic in the organisation.

We support agile teams in building their collaboration. When they start working in an agile mode, it is essential to find the proper method, organise themselves as a team, define roles and responsibilities and develop the collaboration in a structured way. It is about visualising the flow of work, introducing effective feedback loops and regularly deriving improvements, making dependencies visible and leading the teams in a collaborative, predominantly self-organised way.

We support you in:

  • Developing successful principles
  • Identifying stumbling blocks in the cooperation within and between teams
  • Developing the process competence of the teams


  • Support of agile teams as in-house coaches
  • Selective support of agile teams in the development phase
  • Facilitation of project kick-offs or retros
  • Competence-based further development of agile teams