Personal Coaching

Coaching can be seen as a working relationship between an individual (the client) and the coach. It is about enabling personal development and improving personal achievement. The goal of coaching is giving help to self-help, which means supporting clients to develop personally. Occasions and topics for coaching are varied:

  • Change of job or profession
  • Career planning
  • Conflicts
  • Solving specific problems
  • Support in situations when people are given new responsibilities
  • Excessive demands/feeling under challenged

Mainly in phases of crisis or change, in learning organisations and when taking on new and challenging responsibilities, coaching can be a great help.


Implementation Consulting

It is a method for individuals and groups to deal with specific questions after a skills training focusing on performance improvement. Occasions and topics for this type of coaching are varied:

  • Project Coaching
  • Negotiation Coaching
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching