by Maren Fischer-Epe is a book that offers valuable insights and practical tools for managers. The author, an experienced expert in learning and change processes in human resource and organisational development, shares her extensive knowledge in this book, which is divided into five chapters.

The first chapter, “Coaching: Concept and Understanding”, lays the foundation for understanding the coaching concept. Fischer-Epe explains what coaching is and how it differs from other leadership and development methods. She discusses the importance of coaching in the modern corporate world and emphasises its role in promoting employee development and performance.

In the second chapter, “Toolbox”, the author presents a variety of coaching tools and techniques. She offers a comprehensive collection of tools managers can use to improve their coaching skills and successfully support their employees. These tools range from communication techniques to reflection exercises and help readers to enhance their coaching skills.

The third chapter, “Using tools responsibly: Coaching in Practice”, deals with the practical application of coaching techniques. Fischer-Epe provides concrete examples and case studies to illustrate how managers can use these tools effectively in their daily work. This experimental approach makes the book particularly valuable as it helps readers to put what they have learned into practice.

The fourth chapter, “The Concrete Approach”, gives leaders a clear guide to using coaching in their role. Fischer-Epe explains how they can plan and conduct coaching sessions to achieve the best results. She emphasises the importance of goal setting, feedback and continuous improvement.

The fifth and final chapter, “Coaching Competence in the Leadership Role”, highlights the role of coaching in leadership. The author encourages leaders to recognise coaching as a critical skill for their professional development. She shows how coaching supports leaders and helps them build more effective and engaged teams.

Overall, “Coaching: Achieving Goals Together” by Maren Fischer-Epe provides a solid resource for leaders who want to improve their coaching skills. The book’s clear structure, practical examples and comprehensive collection of coaching tools make it a valuable companion for people working in human resource and organisational development.

Fischer-Epe conveys her expertise in an understandable way, which makes this book a good choice for all those who want to develop their coaching skills.

This book has been read and reviewed for you by Waltraud Ferz-Steinbauer.

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