The CANVAS method allows us to analyse and further develop the agile criteria of our company in a team.

  1. Strategy

Food for thought

  • What are the core elements of today’s strategy?
  • Is Agil anchored in the strategy?
  • Who defined the strategy?
  • Is the strategy known to all employees in the company?

2. Customers

Food for thought

  • Who are our main customers/customer groups?
  • How do customers find themselves in the strategy?
  • What needs do these customers/groups have?
  • How do you assess the needs?
  • How do the needs flow into company?

3. Structure

Food for thought

  • What is the organizational structure of our company?
  • How are projects handled? Where are they located?
  • Do agile elements play a role?

4. Processes

Food for thought

  • What are the main processes in our company?
  • How are these processes documented? Who creates the documentation?
  • Do you work according to this documentation?

5. Guidance

Food for thought

  • How does the management act? Describe essential elements (e.g. clear instructions by executive employees execute, objectives by the leadership, control of execution, self-responsible work in teams – result in the sense of the customer…)
  • What are our key management tools?
  • How does a performance assessment take place today?

6. Culture

Food for thought

  • Describe the essential elements of the corporate culture!
  • Communication, dealing with mistakes, trust -transparency, self-responsibility…

7. HR

Food for thought

  • What are the main tasks (including time expenditure) of HR?
  • How does HR work together with the divisions and management?
  • Where is HR located in our organization?

8. Environment

Food for thought

The environment cannot be changed by the company, at least in the short term.
It can only be included in considerations, i.e. reacted to.

  • Which main suppliers does our company have? How does the cooperation take place?
  • Which partners does our company have who support the performance of the company? How is the cooperation?
  • What legal requirements does our company have to comply with?

Subsequently, the participants derive first steps for a necessary transformation process from the analysis during the CANVAS process.

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