For me, 2023 was a year of diverse workshops and training sessions, in which I deliberately focussed on experience-oriented learning and work.

Training tools and interactive games are valuable in workshops and training sessions to promote learning and increase participants’ motivation. This article will examine how these tools can be used effectively and show their benefits.

Why training tools and games?

The use of training tools and games in workshops and training sessions has several advantages:

  1. Motivation: Games and interactive tools motivate participants to engage in the learning process actively.
  2. Memory: People tend to remember information better when it is presented in a playful context.
  3. Teamwork: Many games and exercises promote cooperation and exchange between the participants.
  4. Application: Practical exercises and simulations allow participants to directly apply and practise what they have learned.

Three steps to using training tools and games effectively

Set clear goals

Before a training game or tool is used, it is essential to define the objectives. What do You want to achieve?

  • Do you want to strengthen teamwork?
  • Do you want to stimulate creative thinking processes?
  • Or is the focus on improving skills?

Clearly defining the objectives helps to select the right tool.

The right choice

The following questions determine the selection of the right tool:

  • Does the tool or game trigger the desired learning experience?
  • Is it suitable for the target group?
  • How much time is available?
  • What resources are required?


After a brief introduction, the objectives are communicated, and participants are encouraged to be open to new experiences.

During the implementation, it is essential to actively involve and support the participants and to keep an eye on the time.

Afterwards, a detailed reflection is crucial to consolidate what has been learnt and provide feedback. The participants discuss their experiences and reflect on how the learning gained can be transferred to everyday working life.


The use of training tools and games is an enriching way to make learning processes more effective and sustainable, while having fun at the same time.

The selection of the right tool, an actively organised implementation and sufficient time for reflection and discussion ensures that the workshop or training is effective and entertaining.

Utilise the creative power of these methods to make your measures even more effective. We will be happy to support you.

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