In their book “NETWORK SCHLÄGT HIERARCHIE – Neue Führung mit Digital Leadership”, the authors Christiane Brandes-Visbeck and Ines Gensinger provide their readers with a helpful Canvas for developing their Digital Leadership style towards “Digital Leadership Excellence”.

This versatile tool is presented separately in this toolbox.

In working with the Canvas, which can be used for visualization, you will answer questions on topics ranging from the vision of Digital Leadership to your personal development barometer.

Our vision of Digital Leadership

  • Digital Leaders are disruptive, innovative, courageous in leadership, socially highly competent and determined.
  • They develop and share their vision with the team and empower others.
  • They give up control and orchestrate opportunities.
  • You are working with data and your intuition.
  • You are skeptical about the matter and open to people and new ideas.
  • (Here you can add more points or delete points mentioned)

My Management and Leadership Qualities

  • What ideas, values, skills and knowledge distinguish my leadership qualities?
  • What motivates me?
  • What makes me a role model?

My Digital Leadership Style

  • What aspects of digital leadership do I already live?
  • What are my perceptions, values, knowledge and skills?
  • My superpowers, with which I, as a digital leader, have been able to can lead to success?

My Leadership Network

  • Who are my companions, sponsors, fans and supporters?

How do others experience my leadership style?

  • Why do I motivate them?
  • Why do they support me?
  • Which of my ideas, values, knowledge and skills distinguish me from their point of view as a Digital Leader?

My / our challenges

  • How will we as digital leaders become a bridge from the classical to the digital world?
  • Where are my/our difficulties to live our vision and achieve our goals?

My / our solutions

  • What are my/our development needs? About which Resources I/we dispose of to my/our Challenges to meet?
  • What action do I/we need to take to achieve our goals?

My / our development barometer

  • How can our progress towards Digital Leadership be measured?
  • How do we define our progress? How do we reward ourselves?

You can develop these canvas for yourself personally, use them in meetings for individual projects and organizational parts or apply them to the entire company.

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