How do you recognize bullying?

Mobbing is still a taboo topic in many companies. The quick test offers you the opportunity to evaluate your personal situation. If you experience one or more of these actions at least once a week and for at least half a year, then you are most likely a victim of bullying.

Since this test can only provide clues, it is helpful to get help if you suspect bullying, e.g. from people you trust, from the works council or from bullying counselling.

Have you been exposed to any of the following actions within the last 12 months?

1. With regard to your contacts

  • Your supervisor is restricting your ability to speak.
  • Other people limit your ability to express themselves
  • They are constantly interrupted while talking

You will be put under pressure in the following way:

  • You get yelled at, yelled at loudly.
  • Constant criticism of your work
  • Constant criticism of your private life
  • Telephone harassment
  • Oral threats
  • Written threats

You will be denied contact in the following manner:

  • Devaluating glances or negative gestures
  • Allusions without saying anything
  • Directly none of this

2. They are systematically isolated

  • They don’t talk to you.
  • They don’t want to be addressed by you.
  • They are used at a workstation where they are isolated from others.
  • Colleagues are forbidden to talk to you.
  • They’re treated like air.
  • None of this

3. Your work tasks are changed to punish you

  • You are not assigned a work task, you have nothing to do.
  • You are assigned meaningless work tasks
  • They are used for activities which are hazardous to health
  • You receive work assignments that are far below your ability
  • They are constantly assigned to new work tasks
  • You receive “aggravating” work tasks
  • None of this

4. Attacks on your reputation

  • People talk badly about you behind your back.
  • They’re spreading false rumors about you.
  • You’re ridiculed in front of others.
  • They suspect you of being mentally ill.
  • They’re trying to force you to undergo a psychiatric examination.
  • You make fun of a disability you have.
  • They imitate your gait, voice and gestures to make you look ridiculous.
  • They’re attacking your political or religious views or something.
  • Your origin is attacked or made fun of.
  • You are forced to carry out work that violates your self-confidence.
  • Your work will be judged in a wrong and offensive way.
  • Your decisions are questioned
  • They’re calling you obscene swear words or other expressions.
  • One makes sexual approaches or sexual offers in the form of words
  • None of this

5. Violence and threat of violence

  • You will be forced to work that is harmful to your health.
  • Despite your poor state of health, you are forced to perform work that is harmful to your health.
  • You are threatened with physical violence
  • You’re more easily violated, for example, to give you a lesson.
  • You’re being physically abused.
  • Someone is causing you costs to harm you.
  • Someone is causing damage to your home or workplace.
  • There are sexual assaults against you.
  • None of this

Source: Abbreviated version of the LIPT questionnaire (Leymann Inventory of Psychological Terror) developed by Heinz Leymann. German version by Klaus Niedl. dgvt.-Verlag, Tübingen.

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