Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, online training has experienced a boost. To be able to offer our customers training during curfew periods, we have converted the training designs for all our core topics to online formats. As a communication platform, we use the open-source solution BigBlueButton, which is operated on our servers.  This enables us to guarantee a maximum of data security and confidentiality. After my field report on the topic of online coaching, I would like to share our most valuable experiences on the subject of online training in this article.

1. Online training work

Admittedly, I too was sceptical at the beginning. Is it possible to do a two or three-day training session purely online? Experience shows: it works! Of course, it only works if the unique features of the online setting are taken into account in the design. The feedback from participants was predominantly positive. The only point that was seen as critical by the participants was the lack of “unofficial” communication during the breaks.

2. Online training is exhausting

Sitting in front of the computer for two days is merely exhausting. On top of this comes the equally exhausting, intensive occupation with the contents. For this reason, our online training courses are structured in such a way that a continuous session lasts a maximum of 90 minutes and is followed by a break. The units are designed to be highly interactive. Monologues from the trainer are a no-go.

3. Work in small groups

In small groups with 3 or 4 participants, interactive work is more comfortable than in large groups with 12 or more participants -, especially in online settings. Of course, this requires a technical platform that also supports this. In BigBlueButton, this possibility is correctly implemented. As a trainer, you can switch between the different small groups to help the participants accurately.

4. Coverdale experience learning – perfect for online settings

“Experience-based learning” is one of our most important working principles. Working together on a task and the subsequent reflection also works wonderfully online. We have received feedback from participants who know and have experienced experiential learning from face-to-face training that the online experience is equivalent to face-to-face training.

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