Especially in the last few days, we have often heard from our clients that many managers are currently “working at the limit” and need support. Under normal circumstances, coaching would be an option – but now?

We recommend to seriously consider online coaching for the next weeks and months.

What does it take?
Both sides need a laptop with a webcam. Depending on the topic the clients want to work on, a “normal” webinar platform will be sufficient, where people can see each other, have the opportunity to visualize together on a whiteboard. The recording function gives the coachee the opportunity to watch the session a second time. We recommend using an online coaching platform, when tools, such as a system board should be transferred into the virtual space.

Developing online working skills
If the technology does not get in the way and does not cause stress, you get used to seeing the other person on the screen very quickly. The essential thing is to try to really “look” at the other side. As a little trick, I always recommend my clients to stick a small photo of the person they are talking to, next to the camera, because then it is easier to look into the camera instead of staring at the screen.

Do you need more time?
My experience is no. It is helpful to have a clear agenda for the conversation – just as in a physical conversation – and then to start working on the issue. This agenda can be prepared visually in the meeting notes or it can be created together. If you are tired, we recommend taking a short break.

Can Coverdale do this?
Yes, all Coverdale Austria colleagues have the necessary equipment and skills to support managers and employees with online coaching.

Our office manager will be happy to help you to find the right coach for you.

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