In addition to organisational preparation (see also our Case Study), it is essential to prepare intensively for negotiations in terms of content.

For this purpose, we have compiled a checklist for you along with the four principles of fact-based negotiation according to Harvard:

Negotiation goal

  • My negotiating objective is …
  • Price: Desired – Target Range – Limit
  • My idea of a fair negotiation outcome
  • With several people in the negotiation arena: Are the goals of all arena members the same? If not: Set priorities.

The Best Alternative to the Bargaining Agreement (BATNA)

  • My best alternative is …
  • The best alternative of the negotiating partners is probably …

Keep people and things apart and treat them separately: (1st Harvard Principle)

  • What do I know about my negotiating partner? How do I treat the person?
  • Are there issues on the emotional level that can prevent a good outcome?
  • How much trust do I have in the other negotiating partner?

Interests. Do not focus on positions: (2nd Harvard principle)

  • My interests are …
  • The interests of the negotiating partners are probably …
  • Which positions of my negotiating partner are known, and which interests lie behind them?

Develop options that are acceptable to both parties (3. Harvard principle)

  • What possibilities could be developed?

Apply neutral criteria (4th Harvard principle)

  • Both sides could accept the following benchmarks…


  • How do I want to proceed?
  • internal arrangements

Klaus Fischer put together this toolbox for you.

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