“Micro learning” means learning in small learning units and short steps. In general, the term “microlearning” refers to the micro aspects in the context of learning, education and training processes. This is how Wikipedia describes the condition.

If you look at the topic from different angles, you can see a great variety of possibilities to use this method of learning for yourself.

A significant advantage of learning in small “morsels” is the high efficiency, if one assumes that the learner does it voluntarily, the offer is good and his attention remains high due to the brevity of the learning section.

Micro learning thus offers an excellent method for organisations and teams that have a high need for further development. A good mixture of the many possibilities can make the learning experience for the individual. Experiment again with something new and create as many “aha-experiences” as possible!

I would be pleased if you inform me about your experiences at bf@coverdale.at.

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