The Coverdale Austria team has been at the forefront of digital learning formats for years. We started looking into the possibilities of e-learning very early on and have been a provider of blended learning formats for about five years.

About two years ago, we conducted the first test for “real” online training, and I can still remember the first pilot event where we did a training course on “Collaboration in virtual teams” with students at the Vienna University of Technology. At that time, we would not have dared to conduct full training online. The online exercise sequences on a videoconferencing software already worked back then, but the handling of the tool was still quite cumbersome.

Two years later, the Corona Pandemic has created facts. We “dug out” the old concept and adapted it to the new challenges and technical possibilities.

To our surprise, the online training worked very well, not only during the assignments and exercises, but also in the general sessions. The participants were able to concentrate fully on their work, and the content was conveyed in practically the same way as in classroom training. The feedback from the participants was unanimous – “We never thought it would work so easily. There is hardly any difference in regular classroom training”.

Based on this experience, we have decided to translate all our core topics into online formats over the last few weeks and to include them in our open program and offer them for testing at very sporty prices.

We think that even in autumn, personnel development in classic seminar formats will still be impossible or only possible to a limited extent. We, therefore, invite personnel developers, decision makers and all those who currently have time to experiment Online Learning themselves.

The list of topics and descriptions of the events currently in the program can be found here:

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